Everything for backpackers

Everything for backpackers

Platform for backpackers

Have you ever dreamed of going backpacking?

To see the world, experience different cultures, meet lots of different people and go on the journey of a lifetime? But perhaps you've always assumed it would cost a fortune or be difficult to achieve? Read on right away, because...

We can help to make your dream come true!

Fribaja is a new, global, revolutionary and interactive platform which brings together travellers, lodging providers and job providers. It's an organisation created for and by backpackers. The platform makes it easy to find people and places and speak to each other in person, saving a lot of time and money along the way!  You can create a profile, write a blog, find travel companions or a place to sleep and/or work. Fribaja makes it possible for everyone to travel around the world!

We know first-hand how important budget is for backpackers, so we will help you make the most of your trip with only one goal in mind: to make your dream a reality. After all, what could be better than visiting the places of your dreams on a modest budget and immersing yourself in the culture of a different country?

Fribaja specialises in backpacking. Our platform is a meeting place, a global community which makes it possible for backpackers to: 

  • Make contact with (potential) travel companions all over the world
  • Find travel companions on location and be found using our unique track and trace module
  • Find lodging providers and, as a backpacker, be found by providers all over the world who wish to offer accommodation or jobs
  • Write a blog and share posts on social media


Sign up with the form on this page and maybe you will be selected to get early access to our pre-launching phase, which is happening soon.

We will keep you updated if you sign up for the (English) newsletter. When the site goes live in the beginning of 2018 you will be on the forefront of this fantastic community!

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